Life and Wellness Coach | IT SECURITY Professional

ABOUT ME:  I have been working in the Information Technology industry for over fifteen years. For the first few years, I primarily focused on developing my professional competences without much regard for my personal well-being. However, in 2013, I realized that I needed to focus on the most important thing – me. I became more attentive to my physical and emotional wellness, and made peace of mind my top priority. Yes, my limits were greatly tested but then, I got to understand the power of self-worth and being intrinsically strong.  I became a Life and Wellness Coach because a pillar of my beliefs resides in the empowerment of others.

What I do

I work with professional women who are ready to cultivate a self-worth mindset and esteem themselves intrinsically.


 I work with women who are ready to face their truths, see themselves and work on their self-worth. I help them to uncover what is holding them back and address the fears and barriers. Women who value themselves strive to actively improve their quality of life with a greater sense of worth, confidence and purpose.

 “Stride in confidence”


I work with women who want to focus on their emotional and/or physical well-being. I help women to find the wellness balance between work and home  life by understanding and removing the challenges that hinder their wellness and true   growth mindset. Women who regard their well-being benefit from a revitalized synergy which promotes greater confidence, productivity and long term prosperity.

“Get back to being you”

What can I do for you?

I can help you to confidently redefine your self-worth. I work with you to uncover how you intrinsically value yourself and focus on your well-being.

Ready to work on your self-worth?

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